Forget Beyoncé: We’ve Got Every Magazine Shy Tuttle Could Want

Earlier this week, University of Tennessee football made national news when this fun/weird photoshopped cover of Rolling Stone cover of a widely sought after 4/5-star defensive recruit named Shy Tuttle surfaced:


But here at NRWO, we thought to ourselves: What if he doesn’t care about Beyoncé or Rolling Stone? We can’t risk losing this prized recruit because we simply limited his magazine fantasies …

WINTER IS COMING—and so is Sept. 25, when Shy Tuttle will allegedly announce what college he’ll be taking his talents to: 


But what if Shy Tuttle has ALREADY CHOSEN dozens of other schools, and has just traveled back through time to finally choose the correct team, a.k.a. the Vols?


How popular would Shy Tuttle be in Knoxville? His celebrity could reach even the darkest, weirdest corners of East Tennessee.


So, if pop stars and rock magazines aren’t your thing, don’t let that stop you from getting your Vol on. If you are a recruit of the caliber of Shy Tuttle, the Big Orange Fantasy Machine has got whatever you need.

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