Forget Beyoncé: We’ve Got Every Magazine Shy Tuttle Could Want

Earlier this week, University of Tennessee football made national news when this fun/weird photoshopped cover of Rolling Stone cover of a widely sought after 4/5-star defensive recruit named Shy Tuttle surfaced:


But here at NRWO, we thought to ourselves: What if he doesn’t care about Beyoncé or Rolling Stone? We can’t risk losing this prized recruit because we simply limited his magazine fantasies …

WINTER IS COMING—and so is Sept. 25, when Shy Tuttle will allegedly announce what college he’ll be taking his talents to: 


But what if Shy Tuttle has ALREADY CHOSEN dozens of other schools, and has just traveled back through time to finally choose the correct team, a.k.a. the Vols?


How popular would Shy Tuttle be in Knoxville? His celebrity could reach even the darkest, weirdest corners of East Tennessee.


So, if pop stars and rock magazines aren’t your thing, don’t let that stop you from getting your Vol on. If you are a recruit of the caliber of Shy Tuttle, the Big Orange Fantasy Machine has got whatever you need.

CAMP WEEK 2: Bizarre Quarterback Triangle

Today, #Team118 kicked off the second week of camp with 9am drills that yielded some two points interest in the post-practice comments by Coach Butch Jones:

MONTHS OF QUARTERBACK SPECULATION have come and gone, plaguing the minds and message boards of the Tennessee fanscape. The speculation over who would lead the team was intensified  after Riley Ferguson, who was constantly whispered to be the planned heir to the position, left the program following the spring game.  His departure left a three-man race, featuring Joshua Dobbs, Nathan Peterman, and senior Justin Worley. You could  actually say the race for the position began this time last year, considering that Tennessee cycled through all available quarterback options over the course of the year, without settling on a true leader. As of this morning, Butch Jones suggests that the race is finally approaching the end:

             “I’m going to go back and watch the film this morning and tonight. If things keep going the way they’ve been going, I expect to name a starting Quarterback sometime this week. If it happens, it happens, but I’m not putting a timeframe on it.”

- Butch Jones

With only a few days left to speculate and theorize, here is what we’ve seen from each quarterback, with our own eyes.

Joshua Dobbs: Certainly the best quarterback we saw in this year’s Spring game, Dobbs has looked particularly inconsistent during the open sections of practice, though he has also shown flashes of serious control and velocity. His biggest asset remains a combination of raw intelligence and ground speed.

Justin Worley: A common theory, to this point, has been that Worley would be the default starter if a true decision didn’t come before the end of August, due to his seniority. Now, with an early (not really) decision on the rise, we wonder if experience and age is enough? In viewing sessions, there has been little or nothing special about Worley. On the other hand, he has been steady, just like he has throughout his time at Tennessee. Maybe the youth of the team has inflated the value of his steadiness…or maybe he’s just been hiding his progress from the media.

Nathan Peterman: This underdog has been long-considered the low-option, after a disastrous “trial by fire” in his first and only start last year, against the Florida Gators. Peterman, however, has hung in, learned, and remained focused. You don’t really hear his name much and he hasn’t provided any flashy plays, but in the wake of Saturday’s scrimmage, coaches were all-praise for the redshirt Sophomore.  Nate’s resilience makes him easy to root for, though one good scrimmage might not be enough.

Hard to make a prediction at this point, but we love predictions, so let’s make one anyways. In the name of a balance of speed, intelligence, game experience, but still time/room for growth, we are going to remain #TeamDobbs. No decision would be an enormous surprise at this point, based on the eye-test, but Dobbs has the most upside, in our opinion. We will, however, be feverishly working on a list of incredible pop-culture-referencing nicknames for all the candidates, just in case.


GROWING UP FAST  are Tennessee’s widely celebrated Freshmen. We were informed today that four of the newcomers became the first to remove the black stripe from their helmet. We told you it would be Derek Barnett and it was. He was joined by running back Jalen Hurd, cornerback Emmanuel Moseley, and tight-end Ethan Wolf, all of whom have received regular praise from players and coaches throughout week one.                                                                             (Best guesses for the next wave of stripes are: Vic Wharton, Aaron Medley, Dillon Bates, Von Pearson, and Coleman Thomas.)  

INJURY UPDATE: Dynamic freshman running back Darrell Scott will return to regular activity tonight, after missing most of this week for an unspecified minor injury.


Keep an eye out this week for our official arrival in the print edition of Metro Pulse! It’s going to be a long, crazy, sometimes miserable, sometimes excellent, all-the-time-weird season. 


Nothing Rhymes With Orange: MARCH OF THE BLACK STRIPES


The first week of training camp for the University of Tennessee football team, aka Team 118, is in the books. As we move further into camp, toward the Utah State opener, updates will be on a more frequent basis, but first weeks are often spent learning the ropes, so for this week, we will just give it to you all at once…right now.


Unsurprisingly, we are left with many questions, as things slowly  take focus for this young team. Here’s what we now know, and what we’re left wondering, in the wake of the first week:


BLACK STRIPES: When new players arrive on campus, a black stripe goes onto their white practice helmet. They are also assigned an upperclassmen, to track their growth on the field. Whether they are a true freshman or a transfer, they wear the stripe until their upperclassman decides that they have made enough progress to take it off. Coaches describe the removal of the black stripe as a moment of pride and achievement for players. Many of the new vols received high praise during media sessions, from both players and coaches,  but to our knowledge, all black stripes remained, as of Friday evening. Vic Wharton, Ethan Wolf, Von Pearson, and Dillon Bates have all received major props from staff and teammates, but our money (for now) is on Freshman  Defensive End Derek Barnett, who’s play has “elevated the defense,” according to Butch Jones.


WHEN PIG FLIES: There is very little question that Tennessee has the most depth at the Wide Receiver position, with even a slight advantage in experience over other positions, despite being heavily populated by new-comers. Team 118 returns Jason Croom, Jacob Carter, and third-team All-SEC sophomore Marquez North, among others, but the return of Alton ‘Pig’ Howard is critical and a bit of a surprise. Along with North, Howard was an extremely productive part of the 2013 offense, and served as one of the emotional leaders of the receiving corps, however, citing ‘personal reasons,’ Howard withdrew from the program in the Spring, and most fans assumed that was the end. Instead, the player affectionately known as “Pig” returned in the summer, and has looked explosive in the first week of training camp, punctuated by a mid-air, one-handed catch earlier this week.

That’ll do, Pig!


THE ELEPHANT(S) IN THE ROOM: It is no secret that Tennessee is entering a season that will feature the rebuilding of its entire line, on both sides of the ball, rebuild its entire kicking game, and will enter the second year of the search for a true starting Quarterback. We will be exploring these enormous problems in the print edition of Metro Pulse over the next few weeks, but here are some basic thoughts, based on what we’ve seen this week.


Quarterback: With the departure of Riley Ferguson, who many assumed was the favorite to seize the position (until he stunk up the Spring game and subsequently left the program), we are left with a 3 man race, featuring senior Justin Worley, and rising sophomores Joshua Dobbs and Nate Peterman. To this point, based solely on the eye-test, there’s no front runner, as all three quarterbacks have looked evenly inconsistent. Dobbs and Worley both show flashes of potential and good velocity, but both seem to be  having serious struggles with aim and control. Dobbs is substantially quicker on his feet, but Worley has two extra years of maturity. It will be interesting to see how tonight’s first scrimmage changes things.


Offensive and Defensive lines: As opposed to the Quarterback situation, both players and coaches seem to feel a confidence in saying that, while they aren’t where they need to be, that the overhaul of both lines isn’t nearly as dismal as fans and analysts have billed it. Though smaller, this year’s set of linemen, on both sides of the ball, are quicker, have slightly better depth (though less experience) and are (planning to be) more physical. We have mostly only seen them pushing sleds, but there’s been nothing to suggest that they aren’t on course to reach those goals. The offensive linemen have seemed very aggravated, in media sessions, at the suggestion that they are the weak link of this year’s team. It never hurts to have something to prove.


Kicking: The kicking game seems to be the least troubling, with Freshman Aaron Medley impressing coaches with his strength and consistency in field goal scenarios, while Matt Darr has been solid, getting most of the reps (that we’ve seen) on the punt team.


CODY BLANC TO MISS 2014: On the first day of Fall camp, former Central HS standout and current  Vols wide-receiver Cody Blanc suffered a torn achilles tendon, an MRI revealed. Coaches have confirmed that he will likely miss the entire season. Regardless of how big or small his role was likely to be, in an expanding field of talent at receiver, it’s very disappointing to see a player that has worked hard and kept a good attitude go through an injury like this, and especially before the season even begins. We first spoke to Blanc back in 2011, when he was still at Central, and we wish him a fast, thorough recovery.


INJURY UPDATE: Aside from Blanc, no serious injuries have come to light, thus far during camp, though several players have been limited, or sidelined taking “mental reps.” Freshman running back Darrell Scott and sophomore O-lineman Dylan Wiesman have  mostly been a non-participators during the last few days, and wide receiver Marquez North spent a large portion of Friday on the exercise bike (for undisclosed reasons).

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Nothing Rhymes With Orange: SUMMER’S THE WORST

And….we’re back!

As if Summer wasn’t already the worst, a World Cup summer, for the avid American Football fan, can be one of life’s cruelest gamuts.

Did somebody says Football?!

“Yes! Fútbol!”

And we all die a little inside.

But guess what? IT IS FINALLY AUGUST! Tennessee camp is in full swing, and we’ll be delivering regular practice updates, starting TONIGHT, after the Vols wrap their last practice before tomorrow’s closed scrimmage. This first week of camp has been a white knuckle thrill ride of awesome and terrible revelations, and Nothing Rhymes With Orange is ready to laugh and cry and worry the Autumn away with you.

Because we did such an incredible job   last year, everything is stepping UP for this season of Vols coverage! We’re going to be featured in every week’s physical Metro Pulse, as well as these usual blogs….AND….AND……AND……we’re bringing you fascinating and inspirational videos before every home game, featuring actual Tennessee Football fans.

Welcome back to regular Football. You earned it.